KAT High performance digital drum set KT2

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  • Giá nhà sản xuất25.520.000 VNĐ
  • Giá Doremi Shop18.990.000 VNĐ
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Thông tin sản phẩm

KT2 - High performance digital drum set 

The KAT KT2 is the ideal choice for the player who is looking for a digital drum set that features a broad set of features and the highest quality sounds at an exceptional price.

The KT2 comes with over 500 studio-grade drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. In addition, there are 80 play-along tracks and 45 drum sets (30 preset drum kits and 15 more user-programmable kits) to fit any style.

For an even greater experience, the KT2 has two additional trigger inputs, allowing the addition of an extra drum pad and/or cymbal.

The USB Sound Module connects to a wide variety of devices and is equipped with a pair of 1/4-inch stereo output jacks, and input jack for connecting to an iPad or other MP3 player as well as MIDI and USB ports for digital recording or playback.




Thông số kỹ thuật
Kit Configuration
  Snare: 9" Dual zone pad
  Tom1 - Tom3: 9" Dual zone pad
  Crash1: 12" Dual zone cymbal w/choke
  Ride: 14" Dual zone cymbal w/choke
  Hi-Hat: 10" Single zone cymbal no choke
Tone Generator
  Maximum Polyphony: 64
  Drum Kits: 45 (30 preset kits + 15 user kits)
  General MIDI Kits: 11 GM Kits
  Drum Instruments: 484 (Drums, Percussion, SFX) 19 Hi-Hat Combos
  Effects: Reverb, 3-Band Equalizer
  9 Trigger Input Jack, Headphone Jack (1/8" stereo), Aux. In jack (1/8" stereo), 2 External Trigger Input Jack, (1/4", Tom4, Crash2),
Output (1/4", L/Mono, R), USB, MIDI In, MIDI Out
Control Buttons
  Power On/Off INC/DEC
  Volume Click
  Start/Stop Drum Off
  Save Record
  Song Tempo
  Kit Utility
  Voice Play/Practice
  Page/Select 12 Pad select Buttons
  Normal: Song 80
  Learning: Beat 20
Rhythm 12
Pattern 10
  Resolution: 120 Ticks per quarter note
  Recording Method: Real-time
  Maximum Note Storage: Approx. 1600 notes
  Tempo: 30~280
  Display: Backlit Segment LCD
  Power Supply: DC 9V
  Carton Dimensions: 106(W) x 32(H) x 60(D) cm
  Total Package Weight: 0.5kg